I stopped receiving my Daily Deal email, how can I fix this?




  • Pamela Lewis

    I have talked to Missiuri Star people before about this . They said it was on their end. I have not received their emails in several days now

  • Mavis Wood

    I haven't been getting the e-mails for months now.  No one can help me with that.  They all say it is someone else's fault.

  • Tammy Noel

     I see in other contacts that you have had with us, you have found your email in a separate folder? is that correct?

  • Mavis Wood

    I found it in "Personal" on April 5 and April 7.  Nothing since then.  They are not in Personal and they are not in Spam. Once I found a history or something that had all the e-mails in it but I can't find that now either.  I don't understand why I couldn't "MOVE" them to my in-box, but that didn't work either. My computer isn't recognizing what I'm asking for.  The time that I did get into the history, I don't remember what I asked for.

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