What are some of the prizes that I could win?




  • Jan-Maree Warne

    I was just wondering about these tickets.  I don't think I looked properly.  Anyway if I win a trip to Missouri Star and I'm from Australia what happens then?  I don't expect a free trip as it would cost a fortune.  But just let me know about these tickets as I don't know if I received them, maybe because I live in OZ?  Oh!  And I love the daily deals.  I know you're running things perfectly and do not have any complaints.  If I did it would be about the sizes of pre-cuts, but this is Moda's issue and other companies that make the pre-cuts, not yours.  So all in all I love you guys.


    Jan  A very happy customer. 

  • Wendi Mills

    Hi Jan-Maree! 

    I am so happy you love our daily deals. Unfortunately, we are not able to send Golden Star tickets outside of the United States due to lottery laws. We do however send out prizes during this time to our wonderful international family. Jan-Maree, if you ever come across a pre-cut that is not cut correctly please feel free to reach out to us. We will contact Moda. They are very eager to help us help our quilting family and improve their product. I hope this helps and you have a beautiful day. 

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