I don't have my order yet. What can I do?




  • Tracy Lariviere

    I placed my order on April 20th paid in full ! Now it's May 7 and still says processing ! Emailed and they said waiting for pick up and that was a week ago ! No contact is having your trust lost to your customers ! I order what my customers want me to make , your web site states 3-7 days to ship , yet nothing . This order was for a birthday gift which has now passed. I have now lost a steady customer thanks alot ! Think I'll have to find another store to deal with . Horrible customer service, could have at least kept in contact with your customers with any delays . At least change the web site info since it's no where near the truth !

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  • Anne Crowell

    I placed an order on May 7 and have been waiting for the tracking to leave Missouri star. Wonder if something is wrong and nothing is moving out of the shop. Hope everyone is ok.

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  • Eileen

    Please please check the status of my order, it’s been a long time and I have a deadline I’m working with





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  • Angela Lovett

    I placed an order on April 23, 2021 and two orders after that: May 3rd and May 7th. The two May orders have been delivered, the April order apparently was missed and as of today May 29th, it STILL says ‘processing’.
    I contacted customer service days ago, 
    There is no fabric by the yard in my order. There are a couple ‘mystery’ items but I’ve ordered them in the past without issue. I also took 3 items (that I wanted) out of my cart  to try and expedite things. The rest I still need.
    Over a month now,, how patient do we have to be? 

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  • Kathy McCleery

    I placed my order on May 10, 2021, and it still shows in process mode.  No contact from MSQC regarding the issue.  I also sent an email, with no response, except the automatic response.  I look forward to your timely response after this notification.

    • 10042747
    • Order PlacedMay 10, 2021
    • StatusProcessing


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  • Wendi Mills

    Hello Kathy, 


    Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out. I have responded to your email and look forward to talk more with you about your order. 

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  • Mary LaCugna

    I placed an order for $81.61 on June 11, 2021.  According to Fed Ex tracking it was received in Kent WA (20 Miles from our home) on 6/27/21 and still hasn't been delivered to me.

     I also placed an order for $47.64 on June 23, 2021, which, according to FedEx tracking, is also sitting in Kent WA since 7/6/21.

    These represent outrageous delays (which I will remember in the future) and much as I like your shop, I can order same items from other online retailers and expect (and get) delivery within reasonable time frames.  Several of my projects have been delayed as a result

    I have written several times to your CS desk and always get the same (worn out) reply that they're busy and backed up.  So is everyone.  Hire more people and renegotiate your contract with FedEx


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  • Hilary anderson

    Placed an order on 6/30 and shows paid/unfulfilled. I’ve reached out to your customer service through zendesk because you can’t actually reach anyone on the phone. Still no response. There was a shipping issue on your part where the incorrect item was shipped. After multiple tickets the correct item showed up. However the prepaid shipping label that was supposedly sent isn’t available to pull up. An error 404 message with an image of a duck appears. Reached out a few times regarding this and still no response. I understand shipping delays due to carriers and challenges of COVID. However please update your processing time on your website to accurately reflect how long it’s taking to process orders in your warehouse as it’s very misleading. Not replying to customers in a timely manner ie 72 hours is unsatisfactory customer service. Once my order is fulfilled and a prepaid shipping label is provided to send the incorrect item back I will take my business elsewhere. It’s unfortunate because as a consumer I spend my money where it’s valued and knowing the history of your company you don’t seem to value your customers.

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