I don't have my order yet. What can I do?




  • Mary Keeping

    As I said in a previous posting I placed an order Feb.24. Of the three pieces of fabric ordered I received one.After emailing several times and phoning the company on numerous occasions I finally had a call back on MARCH23. They tell me the problem is the one piece of fabric I ordered was out of stock.I cannot understand why I wasn't contacted with this information in the first place.SO  I order a replacement piece of fabric while I'm on the phone with the support person.My order was sent out on March 25.OKAY GREAT I think my fabric is on the way!!!! So now I am following the tracking number!!! Guess what??!!! I  get a notification that my package was sent to the wrong address and was sent back to MSQC !!! Now I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY RECEIVE THE PACKAGE ,PUT THE PROPER ADDRESS ON IT AND MAIL IT OUT TO ME AGAIN !!!! They had my proper address and somehow mislabelled the package!!!!! This is my FIRST and LAST time ordering from this company!!!! What a bunch of incompetent people they have working for them .They were quick to take my money but not so quick in getting my order ready and sending it out. GOOD-BYE MISSOURI STAR QUILT COMPANY !!!!! It is now April 10 and still waiting!!

  • Tweaver1259

    It would be helpful if this FAQ answer actually gave the email or phone number to contact. It tells me to contact but....... now I have to go search to find the contact info.  Thanks. (And I have the same trouble as those above..... placed an order 3/30, it is now 4/10 and the status just says 'printed'. What does that mean?  Need my order for gift for impending baby shower......  )I UPDATE:  did find the phone number and called today.  They were holding for an item that was out of stock.  The person I spoke with was very helpful and agreed to go ahead and ship without the one item (I didn't need in a hurry anyway) so hopefully order is on its way now.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt here. And will order again.  

  • Cheryl Hayes

    Very disappointed, order placed on 3/8 partially shipped but money taken for entire order. No contact about delay, I've ordered many times from msqc and always had good response. Submitted inquiry on website - no response. This is unacceptable looks like I will be looking for a new online fabric supplier.

  • Mary Keeping

    For inquiries about your order the phone number is 1-888-571-1122. I called them and did get a call back.It seems to me the problem is with the shipping dept. The support person on the phone was very helpful in searching out the problem for me. I ,however, still do not have my fabric and will be writing a letter to MSQC ATTEN.Jenny Doan. The address is.... 114 N Davis St . Hamilton, MO  64644,USA.

  • Carol Fernandez

    I also am concerned about a partial shipment. I placed an order march 27 and received a partial shipment on April 11. I sent an email and am awaiting a response on the status. If fabric is not in stock, an order should not be taken. I'm at a standstill waiting for this fabric and should I have to order elsewhere I likely will end up paying a shipping fee as well as losing more time. Frustrating.........

  • Mary Keeping

    They do not respond to emails. I suggest you phone the company.


  • Sue Sukeri

    It is now 17th April and I have yet to receive my package. My customer is extremely upset and I am doubly so. Imagine placing an order on 22nd March and still no idea when my parcel will be arriving. I have dealt with many many fabric stores from the US and this company is the worst.

    I received this email from a Wendi Mills, offering personal assistance with my problem. There is also a phone number - so hopefully these details will be helpful to someone - it certainly won't be helping with mine! 



  • Pamela Cunningham

    I too am having issues concerning my order  # 3669155, I have sent multiple emails & keep getting blanks back from Joni? I got one that asks me to reply to her email 

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##

    Hello !Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us. We have received your request and we're working like a quilter on a last minute deadline to get right back to you! If we take a little longer than normal please please forgive us because there is no one that matters more to us than you. I hope you have a glorious day filled with quilting and we will talk shortly.

    P.S. We have a new "Call Back" feature! When you call us you can press 2 instead of waiting in queue and we will give you a call. We still hold your spot in our queue and you can keep working on your project.

    Customer Service
    Missouri Star Quilt co

    I have heard nothing back since this one? Is there something going on here @ MSQC? I have never had any issues with help or an order so I am concerned there is an issue here somewhere

  • Amy Turpin

    Carol Fernandez

    I have tried reaching out to you twice as I would love to fix your issue. Could you please give us a call at 1-888-571-1122 ask for Amy.

  • Peter Murphy

    I have called and just keep getting "it's paid for and all cut...should ship soon" - and then the message system through the website- not only don't they answer - the salt in the wound is that you DO send "How did you like your customer service" email surveys. I don't know what this all is....did I not spend enough money this past year to merit being treated with respect? Is it the "male" thing? I'm guessing not since obviously I am not the only one. So unfortunately. Such great tutorials! Such great spirit in Jenny...but this is ridiculous.

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