I don't have my order yet. What can I do?




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    I placed an order Feb.24 and received part of that order March 13. I am wondering why the remainder is delayed so long.Three weeks seems like a long time to receive an order.I sent an email but it goes unanswered. My order # is 3498199

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    Sue Sukeri

    I placed an order on the 22nd March and to date there has been no update on what is happening. I sent queries via your Help and no response. I sent emails after emails and silence. Can someone from this company just please please tell me what is going on? If you dont have the fabric, just say so on your website and I can happily order from another store.

    I have dealt with many online stores in the US and this is getting really ridiculous. 

    My order number is 3584860 - if you don't have it, just tell me and arrange a refund because I have a client waiting for this order.


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